Budgetary reductions forces teams to make choices. Those choices have consequences.

You can save money in software licensing by moving to another product. The salespeople are always willing to give something away to close the deal.

This choice has consequences. The planned features are now put on hold as teams must migrate to the new vendor. If you are lucky there may have been some professional services thrown into the contract. If you are not then the DevOps team gets the opportunity to show off their talents.

I have migrated from Nexus2, to Nexus3, to Artifactory. Each time there were challenges. The time involved was not inconsequential. The communication involved was a burden.

Budget was the cause of each migration from one product to another. Vendors had tools that helped but each time the communication overhead got bigger.

How many repositories have you migrated? When can we go live?

Try migrating teams to another system while they are delivering solutions to the business. Everyone will claim they don't have the time but there are some teams that are under regulatory deadlines. Those teams are not lying and cannot miss their dates. You don't move them in the middle of a project.

Try adjusting the SOP for a large team that delivers revenue to the bottom line. The word is training. You cannot deliver enough and the sooner the better. Just not too soon otherwise everyone will forget the new process. Don't forget about your warranty period for the old system. Can you say 24/7 hypercare hotline?

You are not getting the new items on your list while getting these budgetary choices done. They are choices.