Does writing everyday change your life as some on the internet claim? Probably not but you do get better at writing. Writing everyday is practice. That practice translate into some base level of improvement.

What really matters is what kind of writing are you doing?

Writing 280 character tweets will get you better at writing tweets. Writing 250 word essays will get you better at writing a bit longer than tweets but short than an essay.

Practice what you want to be better at. I opted for short form 250 word essays. Why? I work in a big company. Email is the preferred communication mechanism for all correspondence. I once read somewhere that the optimal length of an email is 200 words. I went a little longer with hope of becoming a better editor.

You see, my goal is to be better at communicating in my job. It has been a focus since starting the WFH routine. I am getting better at planning and arriving at my points. There is less fluff. My sentences are getting clearer. My writing is getting better.

This (almost)  habit of writing everyday supports my goal of getting better at communicating. This will allow me to more effectively communicate ideas in writing to my team and management. That, my friends, is the where this goal begins to pay off.

Write everyday. Get better at writing. Communicate more effectively.