Much like everyone assumes I do for a living I actually used to fix computers. People would call with issues, drop their machines off, and I would reinstall, update, or remove Windows (usually). It's a grind.

I got the phone call from a couple I helped 10+ years ago. They cannot get into their email. They were retired back then, knew the state of mind, so I said I would swing by.

The had an iPad that worked and retrieved their Yahoo! Email fine using the Apple Mail app. The web based browser wouldn't work. The password was wrong and you could not reset the password.

Something was wrong.

We had the password. Apple displayed it clearly. Email from the iPad worked. Only Yahoo! would not accept or reset the password. The options were call Premium Support or just use the iPad forever.

You need additional authentication attached to your account.

The decision was made to call premium support. It became clear why you could not change or reset the password.

Resetting a password will send you a verification code. You need a phone number to text or alternative email to send the code to.

Subscribe to a package full of nonsense only to be cancelled.

We could not log into the account (they had tried too many times already) to fix this issue. The only option was call Yahoo! Premium Support.

The support was actually fine but it cost $12.95 to get Yahoo! to associate the flip phone number with the account (in the form of a support subscription)

Yahoo! did. We got the code and the account was unlocked. I don't understand why the iPad kept working.

The subscription will be cancelled. Yahoo! should have just charged $10 for the support and dropped the subscription act.

I know I won't forget the experience.