For the past 30 days, in addition to writing a 250 word posts, I also tracked my Twitter engagement. The results are what you would expect.

I wanted to see what would happen if I spread out my comments over the course of a day. Turns out that is a really good thing.

Everything was up. This could be related to me tweeting more, and it probably is, but you cannot deny that tracking forced the issue.

I tried to comment on post once per hour. Sometime it would work out to more. There were only a few days where I got something in every hour. 

What I found was that Twitter engagement is good when commenting good comments. Some of them got decent traction. My goal was to shoot for 1K impressions per day. This was easily achieved using the cards and commenting over the course of the day.

This project was undertaken to determine how to consistently engage and grow my account. I am at 110 followers and fluctuating. Each month there is slow and steady growth.

Looks like the cards are working so I will continue. Here are the cards I use.

Just regular old index cards with a binder clip.