I am already writing every day.

The goal of the Atomic Essay is to give readers a short essay on a specific topic. This blog is all about posting short essays.

The previous version of this blog (here) was easy to start but got to be a pain to manage. I had to manage images, code formatting, and index numbers. It was not a well thought out blog.

I will stick to the 250 word limit.

When I found out about Blogstatic I signed up immediately. I had just become active on Twitter and did not want another job  managing a blog.

The 250 word limit seemed like a doable task. The artificial limit is nice to help focus the message. I am adopting this format to help focus more. If you read some of my posts they could be considered *all over the place* and that is not what I wanted.

Focusing is hard. This artificial format should help.

It will not be published as a single screenshot.

I do not need to publish each essay as a screenshot. This blog is the record of each post. They will not be posted to other services. My purpose for writing them it to exercise ideas. The ideas may resurface on Twitter. 

I've got a bunch to learn about focus and simplicity. That aspect of this exercise has been eluding me. Hopefully, by restricting my, in format, and words, there will be some progress made.