One of my goals for 2023 is to focus on writing. Specifically digital writing. This means saying *NO* to other non-goal related things.

My digital writing goal involves blogging. Writing is a top priority. Managing a blog is not.

GitHub Pages was great and allowed me to launch the blog without much effort. It was not effortless. There were pages, categories, and themes to worry about.

Than along came Blogstatic. The fit was perfect. I no longer wanted to run a blog. Blogstatic has a great user interface, nice editor, and simplified theme management.

Running a blog using Jekyll was easier than a static website (which is how I started) but the writing experience did not have a great flow. This was helped along by Typora but I found myself dropping to an editor too often. Pages were supported but felt like I was managing a website again.

This blog will replace the existing GitHub Pages based blog. The existing blog content will continue to be available at