I have been reading about sales funnels. I want to begin some of the marketing efforts now to help when I launch. The new terms for me are TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. I think they are hilarious. They are however, pretty serious.

TOFU stands for Top of Funnel and describes it's position in the sales funnel. It's at the top where the funnel is the biggest. It represents the efforts used to create awareness for your product. I think blog posts, landing pages are key here. The concept of a lead magnet, such as an ebook or checklist, can be used to collect email addresses will be created. I am not sure of the format yet.

MOFU stands for Middle of Funnel and again describes the position of the user in the funnel. They are engaged but not a customer. They are a lead. The goal is to create a personalized relationship at this point. Segmentation can be used to drive the communications.

BOFU stands for Bottom of Funnel and where we are turning leads into customers. This is where communication is to drive the lead to a purchase. I am  not creating enterprise grade software but enterprises are definitely are target customer. Email and phone calls may be the desired form of contact.

This post is meant to get my head straight on the sales funnel concept. I was thinking about the best way to get acquainted with the ideas. The terms may be new to me but the concepts feel old. If all goes well the concepts, ideas, and terminology will be be integrated in my daily work shortly.