The 2nd quarter has closed.

I listened to Marillion, only the post Fish era (1988+), for 90 days. This was suggested to me given my appreciation to the former lead singer. My big take away was twofold:

  1. The band grew and got better with time.
  2. "One Hour Before It's Dark" is their best album ... ever.

The band has obviously changed over the past 35+ years with Steve Hogarth on vocals. I was surprised how the band kept a lot of the sound that made them great to begin with. The sounds of Steve Rothery's guitar will pull you back in time. His guitar work is unique but offset perfectly by Mark Kelly's keyboard.

In 1988 this sound dominated their music. Now it is more of an echo from the past. You can pick it up in different songs. This is good. No band should be expected to sound the same forever. Which bring me their latest offering: An Hour Before It's Dark.

I call it the COVID album because of when it was recorded and the contents of the songs. I don't think it is a concept album in the traditional sense but it is. The tracks are in movements. The movements have the sound. The haunting guitars. The keyboards crying out. 

I stopped listening to the band after Fish left. I should not have done that. His voice was mesmerizing and it worked with the music. Steve Hogarth's voice has all of the same qualities. It shines through on An Hour Before It's Dark. It is the band's best album ... ever!