I've never liked Linq. There is something about writing code like a SQL statement that rub me the wrong way. This makes sense because I not a fan of SQL either. So you can see how I never took a shine to Linq and started sprinkling it throughout my code.

Linq is not bad. I think it has it's purposes. What I have seen of it reminds of the really smart kids trying to fool everyone else into thinking they are smarter than they really are.

Example from Microsoft documentation.

// Specify the data source.
int[] scores = { 97, 92, 81, 60 };

// Define the query expression.
IEnumerable<int> scoreQuery =
    from score in scores
    where score > 80
    select score;

// Execute the query.
foreach (int i in scoreQuery)
    Console.Write(i + " ");

// Output: 97 92 81

This code does not strike me as maintainable. It not readily understandable. You can make it out but why? The actual implementations method Select() and Where() make more sense. They are still a reach for me though and I don't use them.

The purpose was to level up with using Linq. At this time still feel a bit *uneasy* when using Linq. There is something not right about it.

I am sure Linq is a great technology for you. It is just not my cup of tea. I tried to get into (again) and failed.