People have been talking about writing every day for 30 days. They want to form a habit. I think life is allowed to get in the way and you can miss a day. I did on the last day of this month (but it was after my original 30 days). The goal is to not skip for 2 days. Once that happens you need to start over.

I came up with an excuse to not write code one day. No big deal I said. One day turned into 1 week. This was into my most recent push to complete a project. Life got in the way. I didn't write the code.

My next decision was to write code again: Every. Single. Day. This is how it is done. It is how I got this far into this project. I don't mind if the commit for the day was just some refactor that happened. The changes will average out over time. Writing a class, a method, or even just refactoring is writing code. Writing code gets you better are writing code.

It's similar to writing that way. My original goal was to write 30 days in a row. I did that. Now my goal is to code for 30 days in a row in addition to keeping up the writing.

This combined goal is for practice. Practice is good. I helps hone the craft: both of them.