If you watch television or movies these days you are more than likely subscribing to a service. You may pay for some services whiles others are provided free of cost. You pay for them by viewing advertisements.

This is how television for most of its lifetime. Only recently has the relationship been intensified by giving your name and credit card number to the entertainment provider.

I recently went through all of my subscriptions and added up the total amounts paid. It came down to approximately $100 per month. I included music streaming but excluded the actual cost of the internet service itself.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • HULU
  • YouTube Premium
  • Apple Music
  • Max (used to be HBO)
  • Spectrum TV

In an odd twist of fate we pay for a cable package that we then watch on in the Roku. I am informed that this is used to watch TV live so people, my family, do not have to wait until the next day for certain programs.

The list also included free services. Technically the Roku Channel is not free because we paid for the device.

  • Freevee
  • Tubi
  • Roku Channel

That's a lot of services. I generally review them once per year looking for get rid of something. In a family of 5 there is generally somebody watching or listening to something on each of these services.

Is this subscription fatigue?

That may not be the correct term for what I feel with all of these services. It's a lot. The cost works out to be around $25 per week. This is for a family of 5. That is $5 per week for music and television.

It is a great deal. I wouldn't want to call it fatigue. It is more like a chore to keep track of.