It is not what was designed but it is what we have..

A lot of times the path forward is to accept reality. In software the system that you have is often not the system that was originally designed. Compromises along the way, technical debt, and old fashioned bad decisions give you a system that runs in production.

DevOps has an engineering background. So DevOps teams engineer. They build tools and platforms.

Software development teams also engineer but in a different way. They don't want to be system admins or deal with your engineering problems. They have their own unique set of problems. Those problems generally are related to the business and drive revenue. Those problems needs to be solved.

But their problems are not your problems. No development team that I know of wants to know how git works. They just want it to work. Your problem it to get the on-prem solution working, to keep it working, and have it available all of the time.

Development teams don't want to know about DevOps. That realization shaped the next six (6) years of my life.

What if there was software that could generate the required scripts, configurations, and build and deployment pipelines for the development teams? This work had traditionally been done by DevOps engineers in various ways.

What if the development team just filled out a form, got the necessary components, and uploaded, inserted, or committed that things where it was needed?

If you think about it that is what most teams are doing anyway. They are doing this in Service Now, or other request management system, and a person does the work (often belatedly but often enough it gets done).

The reality is that most development teams do not know much about the systems they utilize other than enough to get their jobs done. The rest of the platforms are built and maintained by teams that don't solve business problems and don't want to.

Embracing this has allowed my team to build software to replace the engineering efforts with software.